Artist Spotlight: Catastraphy + New Single – Serve You Up


I couldn’t have been more than 4 years old when my love for music first started. My mother always had early 90’s R&B music playing and Meanwhile my uncle, was bumping Rap music, and/or Hip Hop, whichever comes first. My Grandmother “ Who Despised All Of It” made an attempt to steer me in another direction, “which didn’t work” made me fall in love with it that much more. You can say I have a passion for the best of both worlds involving R&B and Hip Hop, but for the most part I love music all together as a whole.

Although I can’t sing “Even If The Gift Of Life Depended On It” I still have a strong drive to be involved with R&B music, fused with Hip Hop and other various genres and sounds. I would say one of the things that get me turned up the most is when a fan, lets me know how Raw, Authentic, and real my sound really is. Which is a reminder to me of how and why I got started in the first place.

Around age 11, my aunts, ex-boyfriend, showed me what it’s like to record music. It was in a bootleg studio located in a two story duplex in the engineer’s bedroom though. Regardless, I fell in love with the facts of knowing how music actually works. My first actual recording experience was around age 14, in the basement of an older gentlemen, who was around like 70 Something years old? His studio, had no sound proof booth, no Pro Tools, No Computer automation, Just pure Old-School equipment at the rate of $35 an hour… After I mentioned something about an upgrade to his studio for better sounding quality, probably taken as an “INSULT” he looked right at me and said “It’s Still Just as Good” …

I literally had “No Words” : | LOL. Kind of Like what Hopsin say.



Eventually, I moved on to an upgraded and more advanced studio to better meet my needs and broaden my sound quality. Questionably, as many rappers, who SUCK BIG TIME! Get credit for talentless lyrics, hooks, and rhymes, and here “I am” being told by producers and other so called “Professionals” that my music is missing something or it isn’t enough. And I’ll Be Damned, If I Allow Them To Get Away That Easy, If At ALL!.. Excuse my language.

I’ve always in my wildest dreams fantasized about connecting with people through music, and that dream is still going strong, becoming reality day by day, all because of you!.. Yes!.. YOU! The one who keeps me motivated and elevated above and beyond all doubt besides GOD, because he has blessed me abundantly. You are a big part of my success, and I’m not just saying that to blow hot air, I Meant It from the heart…

Honestly, in a strange sense, I’ve always kind of known that I would encounter a whole lot of B.S. in the music scene, but that’s also what makes it that much sweeter in the end. I recently posted a quote from Will Smith, on my Facebook Stating: IF YOU’RE ABSENT DURING MY STRUGGLE, DON’T EXPECT TO BE PRESENT DURING MY SUCCESS…I Love That Quote!!!

Ironically, I’ve never really studied anything much about music at all. All I know is that “I love it” and I want parts in this magic piece that everyone has an irresistible connection to that can’t really be explained. When someone hears my music for the time they’ll usually say something like: Yo, this is really you??? Man, I would pay for this!!! No stranger would fake that kind of excitement about another artist’s music they’ve never heard about… At least I hope not : |

I almost signed with an independent record label, located in SeaTac, WA. I would’ve done so, only if they themselves truly knew what they were doing… I thank God, I didn’t sign after all the money, time, and energy, that was wasted on useless promo methods. I had a feeling that none of them were going to work in the first place. I guess being only 20 years of age at the time, now 25, nobody was really listening to the young boy talk who actually has ideas… “So what’s the plan I asked” … Their response: Don’t worry about that, I’ll handle it. Just get your beats, lyrics, and “EP” together… My Response: “Uhhh… Okay” … I never did… But you get the point.

Music is a part of me!!! No way, am I going to sign a contract to practically hand over all the rights to my music to expect nothing in return. I don’t care if a fresh new label had millions with startup capital, If no one knows truly, what they’re doing then how do you expect the artist’s to be successful? Besides, he who “owned” the label, and the studio owner who was controlling his decision making “shamefully” the end results were tragic, and financially traumatizing. Especially, when all the money invested just so happened to be a large portion of his retirement… OUCH!!!!

However, I have been successful at getting radio play and gaining fans in places such as: Los Angeles, North Carolina, Las Vegas, Seattle, and Canada. So it’s safe to say people “actually” like my music, and I love the fact that people like my music. What keeps an artist motivated and mentally generated is love shown from the People. Without the “People” you have nothing… No Government, No Burger King, No topless Coffee stand, and most importantly no fan base.

So whether you participate as a musician, or you’re someone who just loves to hear fresh new sounds from up and coming artists. I thank and appreciate you being a part of my journey. I hope my music has a positive impact in your life, continuously for many years to come.

Have a listen to Catastraphy’s new single ‘Serve You Up’ off his Mix & Match project now in rotation.