Artist Spotlight: Jaz Graham + New Single ‘Waiting For’

RNB, Spotlight Artist

Rising R&B/Pop Star JAZ has a passion for maintaining her artistic integrity by reintroducing the type of sound reminiscent of 90’s artist who prided themselves in being memorable because of their musical ability versus midriff. JAZ is wholly invested in cultivating her craft and for the past two years has worked alongside New York Hit Maker Producer Remothehitmaker of New Wave Music. Remo is known for producing hits songs for national and international stars.

JAZ’s introduction to music started well before she entered the world. She was introduced to the melodic tunes of Jazz Great Myles Davis in utero and emerged as a small child with a great ear, voice, and interest in music. By age 5 JAZ performed her rendition of Beyoncé’s “Listen” in an elementary school talent show and thereafter continued to cultivate her craft by performing for various audiences in her community and beyond leading her to pursue a career in music now as a young adult. JAZ aims to be the type of artist that creates music that transcends time with timeless elements like the contributions of artist she admires such as Aaliyah, Janet Jackson, and Beyoncé who have music that will continue to inspire the world for years to come.

Jaz Graham

At 16, JAZ first single “Bout That” was her debut as an independent solo recording artist after spending 3 years prior in a girl group. “Bout That” was best described as fun and youthful yet still manages to convey deep rooted messages and truth to listeners. Now 18 and ready to take the industry by storm, JAZ new single “Waiting For” is still fun. However, there is a stronger message and a little more classy appeal. “Waiting For” is the truth for many women, young and old. JAZ’s goal when recording “Waiting For” was to send a message that tells every woman to pay attention to the signs of a bad relationship, know her self-worth and move on from a unhealthy situation. For JAZ, the release of “Waiting For” is perfect timing.

When JAZ is not recording, performing, attending college or working part-time, you may find her filming a TV show or ripping the fashion runway for a cause. JAZ is also invested in giving back to the community and plans to use her musical career as her means to give back in a larger context. Through music she will spread messages of encouragement for people who come from at-risk communities to inspire hope and change, while through her philanthropic actions she plans to contribute to worthy causes and act as a liaison to further their missions.

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