Featured Artist: Laura Mendes of As-Prods + New Album ‘No Control’

Alternative, Pop, Spotlight Artist

Born in France to Portuguese parents, Laura Mendes spent a happy and loving childhood surrounded by her brother and sister; she has always values family and has been very close. Rocked by music early in her childhood; particularly singing, Laura discovered musicals such as High School Musical.

Laura sees through her family an inexhaustible source of inspiration and it has been a motivator in everyday life for the singer. In fact, its her parents encouragement and support that has always been by her side as she pursued her music career.

Laura is a sensitive artist, who reveals her emotions through her passion for music. It is a real means of expression and emancipation for her. She has very electric musical tastes and draws influence by her favorite artist Demi Lovato, as she deeply admires the quality of her high artistic work.


Laura Mendes’ album, No Control is said to be a reflection of the variety of sounds and legacies. Her world is borrowing from universal themes such as death, the departure of a loved one, the breakup. She rejects all forms of injustice and selfishness that does not hesitate to point the finger.

With a determined temperament, Laura works tirelessly on her artistic projects and always goes to the end to achieve her goals. Aware that only hard work is the real key to success, it still provides the means to excel because, as she points out so well: “Nothing happens for nothing.”

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2015 marked a turning point in the career of Laura, as she met Sergio who is an artistic producer on the social media network Facebook. Impressed by the strength of her performances and emotion they emit, he proposes to assist her with her new album. The two have come together to create the masterpiece No Control.

Laura is an artist who shows much promise, be sure purchase the album on iTunes!

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