New Music: Sebastian Azul – Personal Hero (Portuguese Mix)

Alternative, Hip Hop / Rap

Sebastian Azul officially releases to radio the single “Personal Hero (Portuguese Mix),” which is dedicated to his 9 years old son.

“Personal Hero” is a dedication song to my son who has been my rock, my strength, my motivation through harrowing times, when I was battling with agoraphobia and depression. He was always been my little companion and still is to this day. It is strange how a father can learn so much from their children when really it is supposed to be the other way around. Through my personal hero I learned about dedication, patience selflessness, and most of all having a sense of humor. one of the main reasons why I strive to be a better person. This song also serves to anyone out there who has a personal hero.

This song is spoken in English and in Angolan Portuguese my native tongue.

Listen out for the single now in rotation on the station and watch the official video below.